Convenience of use, quick service and great flight offers paved our way to success – we have quickly become leaders in the field in Lithuania.

Company profile
  • We are UAB "Interneto partneris", established in 2002, currently providing airline ticket online sales services. Having started with the brand, we have learned the expectations of modern travelers – to buy airline tickets online easily.

    Ease of use, efficient service and attractive flight deals led us to success – very quickly becoming the leaders in this field in Lithuania.

    In 2008, UAB Interneto Partneris was nominated as the fastest growing enterprise in Lithuania.

    The company is an accredited member of IATA, it was given the IATA code 68321035.

  • Success in the Lithuanian market has encouraged us to expand to foreign countries:
    • In 2002, we began to develop activities in Lithuania with
    • In 2006, we established ourselves in Poland and Latvia, with, brands.
    • In 2007, we acquired one of the largest airline portals in Estonia –
    • In 2007, a flight booking system was launched in Russia for the Ukrainian and Great British markets –,,
    • In 2010, we created portals for the markets of Finland, Poland, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary and Romania –,,,,,
    • In 2011, we acquired the fastest growing finnish online agency – and launched portal for Swedish market.
    • In 2013, we founded portal -, with the ITDC company for the market of Georgia.
    • In 2015, we created portal for the market of Germany -
    • In 2016, we started rapid expansion into the European market and developed Internet portals for the Italian market (, Spanish market (, and French market (
    • In 2017, we started operating in the Netherlands (, Norway ( and Denmark (
    • At the end of 2017 we joined Otravo group and became part of the company that owns some of the largest airline ticket portals in Scandinavia and Benelux –,,,,,,,
    • In 2018, after has joined Otravo group, the group has risen to the top five of the largest travel agencies in Europe.
Have a pleasant flight!